I can’t access the world my character is on!

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 02:51PM PST
This can often happen after trying to login to the game soon after the servers have been brought up. Please close the game, wait a few minutes and try again.
This can also happen after selecting one character, then another character and then another character. Making multiple requests to the character server quickly can cause it to become confused and seize up. Please close the client, wait a few minutes and try again.
If this issue is still happening after you’ve restarted your client please submit a ticket to customer support with your most recent client log file and DxDiag attached and the character you are trying to login on as well as the world that they reside on (Obeya, Patriot, Colby for example).
You can find a logfile in APBGame\logs\ in the directory where you installed APB Reloaded. There may be several log files to try to look at their created date to match a log to when the incident occurred. 

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