Your server FPS is really low in general or spikes very low!

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018 02:56PM PST
We’re currently aware that some districts are suffering performance issues or outages entirely. This article describes how to determine whether you should contact support about this issue or if what you are seeing is normal.
Server latency can be seen by typing /fps while you are in game. The number next the word Server: is your server's latency. You want this number to be as low as possible. It’s currently based on the number of server frames and it, for a smooth play experience in an action district, should be between 1 and 200. Social server MS may appear different than action district MS. Server latency is different from Client latency and our target is to have all servers running at 200 milliseconds or lower.
If the server latency goes above 200 you may start to notice some issues such as:
  • Players warping around the screen
  • Shots failing to land
  • Vehicles becoming very difficult to control
  • A line of text at the top of your screen saying ‘connection issues’
Please submit a Customer Support ticket with the following details:
  • Your DXDiag
  • Provide to us a LatencyTest from your current connection
  • Any other details you think would be appropriate

You can provide a latencytest by typing /latencytest into the chat window ingame, and waiting 10 minutes. You do not have to do anything fancy, just continue to play the game as normal while the /latencytest runs.

Upon finishing, the resulting file will be in the [Location of Game Install]\APBGame\Logs\ folder as a Latency-Date-Time.csv file.

Please attach this file to your support ticket so that we may investigate further.
In order to obtain the DxDiag from your computer, please do the following:
  1. From the your desktop click: Start > Run
  2. In the blank text field of the window that appears type “dxdiag” without the quotes. Press run or hit enter
  3. Another window will appear with the title DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Click on “Save All Information” option that you could find in bottom of the window
  4. Once this is done, another pop-up would appear asking you where to save the file, we recommend you to save it on your desktop (it automatically selects the desktop) with the default name and file type
  5. Attach the text file in the ticket and send it to us for further review

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